Hello there,

I'm Louisa, wife to my best friend Nick, Mumma to one and a wellness seeker. Some time ago, back in 2010 my little family and I moved to the the beach in the country, from Adelaide. And with that move, something magical happened.

Life slowed down, life became more simple. We didn't realise it at the time, but It was just what we needed. 

We thought city living was great, we loved the walks to the market, eating out, and then the working a whole lot of hours to pay that city sized mortgage and the lifestyle we created.

The magic of slow when we made our seachange gave us so much. We thought we were making a sacrifice in moving to the country. But it's a move that has given us so much more life.

I've been part of the Australian blogging community and social space since 2007, blogging and sharing before it was a thing.

A sober depression thriver, an entrepreneurial wellness blogger