Recruit The Right People Into Your Business

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Building a profitable network marketing business to earn a steady $500 to $1000 every month is not without its challenges. You’ve got to consistently sell products and recruit new team members to make that happen. If you're not doing this, your business is not growing.

But as each month draws to a close, people can smell the desperation on you. You reek babe. And you probably feel pretty gross about the messages and conversations you're having. In your attempt to build a thriving business, you may be tempted to recruit pretty much anybody who shows the least bit of interest in your products or business opportunity. And you're probably witnessing some folk in your company recruit anybody with a pulse. 

Of course you want to recruit team members who are actually interested in your company, but it’s your job to make sure they are interested in it for the right reasons. If you're open to recruiting everyone you'll realise pretty soon, you don't want EVERYONE in your business. You want to be working with people who you love to hang with who share a similar mindset.

Your team become your family in network marketing. Your team are the people you talk and communicate with daily. 

You've probably heard the nightmare stories of uplines and downline feuds. Perhaps you might have people in your business who ideally you would rather not have there. It happens. This is why you want to develop and hone your recruiting skills. Make sure the people you are recruiting are right for you and your business, it's likely your friends and family are NOT people who will do the business. If you're building your business by PUSHING your gear, and doesn't feel right - stop the hustle *shudders* and stop hassling your friends and family.

When the shit hits the fan, and you have a team member who becomes jaded, and cynical around network marketing and maybe about you, they tell everyone. Sometimes these people go public, hitting Facebook forums, writing blog posts blasting their thoughts about Network Marketing and the company you've proudly partnered with.

Have you ever met a hater doing better than you?
— Me Neither.

Have you ever googled your network marketing company?

It's not pretty, is it? You and I know how easy it is to ask Aunty Google anything, you will google the shiz out of a new fridge, skin care or the latest and greatest kids toy. And you pick through the reviews to make your decision. But a special kind of CLUSTERFUCK is revealed when you google a network marketing company. 😕

People LOVE to hate Network Marketing, it's all outrage *rolls eyes* and a shittonne of drama. You protect yourself from reading this shiz, the same way you protect yourself from being on the Buy Sell and Swap and Local Groups on Facebook 😳 you don't go there, right?

The peeps you are talking to, the peeps you are sampling, the peeps who you don't even know are watching you on Social, they see you and they see your Company's brand. And they hop on Aunty Google to see what the Google says. 🤯 And they probably wont tell you that Aunty Google is not keen. They tell you "Money's tight" "not right now" and all the other fluff giving you every indication they will buy one day, just not right now.

Money is tight right now”
”The huz says no”
”not right now”
”My Cousin/friend/neighbour/aunties bestie does that”
WTF, they are so expensive!
— excuses people give for not buy from you

And so you keep them on your names list and eventually they don't respond to your calls or messages. And you feel like Shiz, cos this doesn't happen once, it happens HUNDREDS of times, each and every month. And you can do that for a year, hell I did it for three. But after three years I had NO resilience. I kept seeing friends I'd sampled and educated sign up with others, not because I didn't follow up - but because they had a relationship with someone who joined my company AFTER I had already sampled them, already followed up eleventy billion times. 

Recently a I celebrated a dear friend reaching the same rank I'm currently at. I was so bloody happy for her, and selfishly a little devo. You see she didn't enrol with me. She approached me about joining the business, and over a period of 12 months we chatted back and forth. I sampled her, I sampled her again. And in the end, one of her dearest friends someone she had worked with in the past joined with someone else and they wanted to work together. She enrolled with that friend. I spent countless hours with her, following up, educating her, dollars sampling her. GAH. It was a blow. And it destroyed what little resilience I had after years of work. 

And this my friends is why I now brand me as me. I don't reference my NWM company in any of my branding, or on social.

It's taken me a full 12 months to reach this point. When my mentor first mentioned about branding myself and not mentioning my companies name, I was uneasy. 

I had so much resistance. 12 months of resistance. I loved my Network Marketing Company, I'm bloody proud to be affiliated with them. I love and use their products all day, every day. I proudly gift products to friends and family, because I think they are the best. And I do wholeheartedly believe every home and family can benefit from those products.  

Yet I didn't love that I could share this love with others, and all the nurturing and sampling and education could be undone in an instant when the prospect got home and asked Aunty Google, or runs off and signed up with someone else. Ugh.


I wanted to be talking with people who were open to network marketing. 


I didn't want to chase people, I didn't want to hassle my friends and family any longer. 


So babe, I invite you to stand tall. I invite you to step into leadership in a way you have never step up before. Sign up for the Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp, and see if it's something you can embrace.


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