Are You A Lucky Bitch?

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I've always been a Lucky Bitch. All my life, whatever crazy idea happened to pop into my head, that crazy thing often happens.


I was never sure what to make of this, maybe I am just a spoiled brat?


My folks were never wealthy growing up. But they had their own business, drove nice cars, we had nice things, we took regular holidays and my brother and I were always showered with more than we ever needed.


We had all of these things because my folks lived with the thought that everything was within reach. My folks never play the victim, they never say, "oh its alright for them".  If they want something, they make it happen.  And it does happen.


It's only in recent years, since reading Denise Duffield - Thomas' blog and delving into her Lucky Bitch Boot Camp that I have realised that this mindset I've grown up with is a thing.


It's called an abundance mindset, and it's the foundation of the Lucky Bitch Boot Camp. Denise is a mindset coach, just reading her blog can give you a powerful shift, to look at money and the world differently.


Even though I grew up with this mindset, I've learned so much about money and my thoughts and behaviour around money. I've never been a numbers girl; I am not a planner, and I've always spent like I was a millionaire.


This is not good, because I'm not a millionaire {yet}.


The Boot Camp has shown me how to track money and value in a way that my non-numbers head gets it. I'm tracking money and value like a mofo, and I get excited about tracking my money.


Even if you didn't grow up in an abundant home and have learned to lean into scarcity, you too can gain some tools and insight on how to live with a new mindset. A scarcity mentality can be shifted.


You can learn how to be free of the inner pain and turmoil scarcity may create in your life. You don't need to feel fear and desperation around money and life. Imagine being free of that fear? Imagine instead being excited about life and the opportunities that are waiting for you.


Maybe you're not ready to invest in Denise's Lucky Bitch Boot Camp. Maybe you're intrigued by what Denise has to say and this whole Lucky Bitch way of living? Well that's great news, because Denise has a super Christmas Bundle, filled with products that will get you started on this lovely and full way of life. Enjoy this Christmas Bundle for USD$97 a Christmas gift to you. You will have the opportunity to upgrade to the Bootcamp for an extra special Christmas price. This offer is only available until 17th December at midnight US Eastern Time, don't delay time is running out. 


I'm thinking that this might be the ideal time to start planning a kick arse 2015. And with the tools you gain from a little Lucky Bitch learning, you're sure to start off on the right foot.


Four years ago my Huz and I took over a modest biz, to add to our new graphic design and print home biz. We turning over a good figure and giving us an income and a small profit. With the help of the Lucky Bitch Boot Camp, in 18 months we've tripled that turnover. This year we enjoyed our first family holiday, ever. We've just got a brand new car and looking forward to another holiday in Melbourne for Christmas. Four years ago I didn't think it was a reality, hell 12 months ago I wasn't sure it would happen. Life changes when you set your mind to it.


Mindset is a powerful thing, I've uncovered and broken through many blocks in doing the boot camp. I'm looking forward to starting the new year off by doing another round. Once you sign up, you're a Lucky Bitch for life, you can go through and do the course over and again. Will you join me, I'd love to meet you in the Lucky B private facebook group, its a favourite social space, full of love and support from beautiful Lucky B's


Do you have big goals for 2015? Are you gearing up for the best year ever?!


If you want things to change, you have to constantly upgrade your beliefs and attitudes surrounding your ability to succeed.


I want to introduce you to Denise Duffield-Thomas, a mindset mentor and author of the books “Lucky Bitch” and “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch.”


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