School Mums And The Mean Mumma

A few weeks ago one of my favourite Aussie blogger's, Mrs Woog asked a question on her facebook page. It seemed innocent enough, yet the answers contained something all together somber. It has stayed with me ever since, and made me a little sad.

Mrs Woog @ Woogworld

So I am writing a chapter on School Mum Stereotypes. How would you describe yourself?

Shot taken of Mrs Woog @ Woogsworld facebook page.

I had a bit of a think and decided I'm the happy Mumma. Getting out of the door in the morning, I'm happy that we made it to school. As in #lovingmyselfsick

After I had posted my happy Mumma comment, I went on to read the other comments. It left me in shock, and pretty sad. 

So many Mumma's commented about school Mum's judging them.

And you know what? These comments aren't about nasty schoolyard Mum's. These Mums are talking about the meanest Mum of all, their own inner MEAN MUMMA. Inside. Their. Head. #GAH

Do you want to know what I think?  Ok, so I am going to tell you anyway ..

Girl, the school Mum's aren't judging you.  You are judging you.

Now, in all seriousness, most Mum's are too wrapped up in their own shiz to give you even a thought. 

It's no secret; school mornings are not a whole lotta fun. School mornings can be kind of brutal. I only have one child, if I do give you a thought on the school run, I'm probably in awe of you. 

Seriously loving how good your hair looks, and that you got out the door on time, with three kids in tow.  

If I weren't so consumed with my own thoughts and shiz, I'd probably give you a high five.

I'm not all that different from the school Mum's at your school. I'm doing my best, just like you and all the other Mum's. 

Hey, I don't have my head in the clouds either. I know there are Judgy McJudgy arseholes in the world. But even they are doing their best. I won't tell you to do a Taylor Swift and "Shake It off", but I will say, be like Meghan Trainer and "Shake it off" - just a little cooler.

Or make  her like a unicorn fart, "poof" gone. 

Don't give them another thought girl.

BY my thinking Mumma, every day you make it out of the house, the small child has her hair done, a cleanish dress, and especially if you have wipes in the car, pat yourself on the back!

Celebrate. Fist pump even. It's a quite the achievement you know.

Give some of the Mums, and Dad's a knowing smile, make eye contact. Even you have time to give another school Mum a friendly smile!

If you find your school yard not very friendly, have a look at your own behaviour.

Do you avoid eye contact? Slink away to a corner of the yard where no-one will bother you? Why not seek out another Mum, who is also standing alone? Smile and introduce yourself, remembering to add who's Mother you are. I always think it only takes one person, to help you feel more comfortable, so be kind to yourself Mumma, and make it happen.

So what do we do about this MEAN MUMMA inside you?

1. Every morning lets put on our happy pants.

Happy pants give us kindness, and confidence. If she does rear her our head because let's face it she is a persistent pain in the arse, tell her to PISS OFF!

2. Let's help another school Mum out.

Try to give another Mum a smile, or say hello. Maybe even introduce yourself. Your smile and friendly chat maybe all she needs to pack up her Mean Mumma and piss her off too.

3. Whenever you get to school, give yourself a pat on the back, you made it this morning.

And you arrived without MEAN MUMMA! 


Now who's for a coffee? We freakin' rocked the school run this morning!