Black Dog & Blue Skies :: Acupunture

This post is based on my personal experience having acupuncture, and the benefits I've experienced, as a result. I'm not trained in Natural Therapies or acupuncture. This is purely my experience.

I receive a lot of messages and emails asking how I manage depression. So wouldn't you know it, BOOM a new blog series comes from the questions you ask. Thank you, my readers are so awesome!

This is a series because there is no one thing that helps me. I'm committed to being better, and trying new things, making small changes to carve out a happier, healthier life. 

As with any changes, I find it pretty important to start small. I'm a great one for making one BIG gonna list. I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna do all the things. Pretty soon I'm in overwhelm mode and fall into a screaming heap.

Be kind to yourself, choose one thing you think will improve your life, and work on it for a few weeks. Don't do all the things, and end up doing nothing.




It Doesn't Hurt

I once had a needle phobia; I got over it fairly quickly when we did a round of IVF. There were lots of needles, self-injecting and giving blood. Don't let a fear of needles put you off, acupuncture needles are seriously fine. I'm told as fine as a hair. There is no pain, at worst you may feel a slight scratch. 


How I got Started

Several years ago, my daughter was a baby and started childcare. As with any child exposed to childcare or school germs for the first time she was picking up all the bugs, and bringing them on home to Mumma.

I was working hard, trying to get into the full time working Mum swing of things. It's tough getting back into work after baby. Kind of brutal. I was taking little to no care of myself; I was completely depleted. 

My undoing was nine months of consecutive ear infections. I had course after course of antibiotics, which killed everything, but the infection. As a result, I've now lost some hearing in my left ear. Gosh, it really is important to look after your self!

I decided to have acupuncture for allergies and hay fever that was causing sinus and ear infections.

A few months later, to my delight I was stronger emotionally. It was then I committed to the weekly treatments. Life was better with acupuncture.


Happy Mumma with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is powerful. It's my hour of bliss each and every week, it heals me and helps to keep me in the right place. I'm still amazed three years later how deeply relaxing a treatment is.

I also sometimes have some cupping, a foot massage {seriously} and head massage. Then after a deep sleep, what feels like five minutes later, I wake feeling like I've had 8 hours sleep. It's beautiful.


What To Expect

The session starts with some questions, any issues, aches or pains and how I am emotionally. I get on the table, have some needling work. There is a point at the top of the ear, as soon as the needle hits that spot, I feel a rush of happy. It's rather amazing.

DIY Tip: You can massage the top of your ears to give you a little happy boost, anytime. 

When I first started treatments, I did feel a little wiped out and often headed home early from work. However, this feeling post treatment only occurred for the first few times.

Now it's normal for me to feel energised after a treatment.


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