Yellow For Hunter

The Dew family were out for a walk three years ago, interrupted by rain, it was time to head home. Dad David had crossed the road with the family dog, ahead of his wife Renee and four children. Renee waited by the side of the road, the youngest in the pram, and Hunter to her right. “Don’t cross the road” Renee said to Hunter. To Renee’s horror, seconds later Hunter took off.

Every parent knows THIS moment. There are very few parents who haven’t witnessed this, in some way. You may have a family story of your own that you share with your children. This is something kids do. They don’t understand. My own father remembers his young sister taking off, and my Nanna, running, reaching out and saving her, almost getting herself hit by the car in the process. 

Unfortunately on this occasion it wasn’t a near miss, Hunter was hit. His small frame was unable to survive the impact. Renee knelt by Hunter’s head, she knew she couldn’t pick him up, the injuries to his body too great.

Renee now campaigns for children’s road safety. She is studying counselling, so to help other parents grieve for their lost children. It’s a different grief, a deep hurt, that a family cannot explain. None of us can even imagine, unless we have lost a child, we couldn’t bare the thought.

I’ll ask you to do one thing. Please release a yellow balloon for Hunter this Wednesday 8th April. I can’t take away any of the pain that Renee, David, their children, family and friends feel each day, but I can ask you to remember Hunter tomorrow. Take a moment to remember that beautiful four year old. Turn your phone to silent when you get behind the wheel. Don’t be distracted, even by whiny kids. Be vigilant. Concentrate. Take time and care to teach children road safety. Remember Hunter, tell your children about Hunter.


***** EDIT *******
I hadn't considered the havoc the humble balloon can cause to our environment.

Rather than releasing a balloon for Hunter, I'll be laying some yellow flowers in his memory.

I'm rocking my yellow Chuck Taylors, and have yellow bracelets on my wrist.

Remember Hunter today, with a blaze of yellow. Share this story, share it on facebook, and post a photo of your yellow for Hunter on instagram. #yellowforhunter 

Please share your balloon with the hashtag #yellowforhunter