Depression And Being a Lucky Bitch

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One morning recently I got out of the shower, dried myself, spritzed some toner on my face, and slapped on some moisturiser. And then the thought "I'm never going to be well again" popped into my head.

I've done a lot of work over the past few years, including work with a mindset coach. Denise Duffeild Thomas is the Lucky Bitch, a lot of what she talks about is money. But mostly her work is around abundance. Abundance is more than money, it's about seeking a better life, shifting your mindset to a more positive place.

Digging deep and doing the work in the lucky bitch bootcamp I found big shifts in my mindset around money, but it has really helped with my mental state. Negative self chatter was the norm or me, and it can still be. I've been medicated for ten years, and while it takes the edge off many depressive traits, the negative self talk stays.

I'm mindful about it now, the Lucky Bitch Boot Camp has given me tools to be positive in my thought process, the things I say and most aspects of my life. 

So I apply what I call "the spin". I instantly turned that nego self chatter, "I'm never going to be well again" to "I will be well". The thing with the mind is, it's POWERFUL. And while negative self chatter can easily have me slipping into dark despair, the reverse is true also. My positive spin, and self chatter can have me walking out the door, with my head held high and a smile on my face.

Denise Duffeild-Thomas is not as woo as a lot of peeps in the life coaching realm can be, just enough to give you a taste. Yet what this woman does give you are the tools to turn your thoughts and your life into a positive, beautiful and abundant journey. 

Since doing the boot camp I've healed myself. I manage to walk out of the house most days. I make it to school pick up most days, and I've even been out in the evening. Not a lot, but more than I have the the previous five years.

It's exhausting, but it works. Your mind is powerful, the negative and dark thoughts can most definitely plunge you into a horrid dark place. On the flip side positive words and mantra's can also help you to be in a better mental place. So spin you nego shiz girl, SPIN IT.

If you've heard enough and want to jump straight in, now is the time to do so. Denise will soon be closing the bootcamp, ready to repackage. She will be relaunching at a higher price, so joining now will save you money, and you'll have all the benefits of the new package when it's launched. Start living a happier, more abundant life. Click through to join me and the amazing community of Lucky Bitches {they are all kinds of awesome!} See you on the other side.