Litsea And Oprah

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Litsea is often known as May Chang in Asia, emotionally is the oil of manifestation. Litsea is strong, yet subtle, feminine, loving and has the strongest, most loving heart and beautiful mind. Like a breath of fresh air and positivity, Litsea is not only about welcoming in the good, but is deeply cleansing and releasing. Litsea will help you let go of the shiz you hold onto that does not serve you, the bullshit you allow your internal meanie to carry on with. 

If you don't have a strong maternal figure in your life, Oprah may be that woman you look up to. Yes, I'm going there. Litsea is the Oprah Winfrey of essential oils. Emotionally, Litsea is the fair yet firm loving maternal figure in your life. Litsea just like Oprah, or your favourite Aunt or Mumma wants deeply for you to live your very best life. She may know you better than you know yourself. She knows your strengths, and she knows where you struggle. Litsea takes your hand when you become overwhelmed or fearful, she encourages you to follow through on your hopes and dreams. She gently, yet lovingly encourages you to keep going. She does this so beautifully, she is WISE AF.

Litsea gently guides you to build confidence even when fear and overwhelm have crept in. Litsea helps you to imagine and create what may seem impossible at first. Helps you to take the leap, catching you when you would normally give into fear, and abandon your dreams yet again, catching you to keep your heart open, to trust and not to give in when it gets hard. Litsea helps you to keep going.

Litsea helps us to turn inward, helps us to trust our inner knowing, helps us to stay strong and rise above negativity. With Litsea we don't need to wonder what if? We turn within and we are guided by that inner knowing, trusting our intuition. With Litsea on our side you have the best support crew you have never had, she will carry you through when you feel misunderstood and need reassurance. 

With Litsea you'll identify your distractions, and take action to move away from the distractions and get productive and focused. Litsea, just like Oprah is your partner in not only discovering but stepping into that higher purpose, and living it.

Litsea Clears
Self-doubt, criticism, fear of rejection, distractions, blocks, fear, overwhelm

Litsea Supports
Inspiration, intuition, alignment, manifesting, trust, open heart

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