Create Your Very Own Wellness Business

You are probably wondering if you could become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and I'm here to tell you, Yes. You absolutely can. 

When I started this blog, to share how I live with clinical depression, I hoped I could generate an income from it. But to be honest, I made a little money, but I never felt completely comfortable with many of the options I explored.

I love shopping, I'm a brilliant online shopper, I have a great eye for design and I love interiors and home accessories. Sharing that was so fun! But I have a "mania" slant to my illness, and in times of soaring highs, I'd go on crazed spending sprees. Often spending money we didn't have. Writing about and sharing all the things, adding clutter to my home was not good for me. A more simple life, with less but so much more is what I crave.

Sharing essential oils, something that can help anyone, in what ever ailment they have - or simply cleaning their home, and replacing chemical laden beauty products with natural, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils is really helpful to anyone and everyone.

And how I use them in the home, I'm so excited that I can care for my family, ridding us from of the chemicle shit storm that life subjects us to is always exciting!

Since 2011 I've been making small changes to my life to give me a little more health and a whole lot more happy. While essential oils have always played a role in my life, I didn't ever feel the benefit of essential oils. They just smelt good, or so I thought.

You see there is no regulatory body to monitor the sale or quality of essential oils. Anyone can label anything as essential oil. That's why doTerra essential oils are so different, and why people experience such powerful benefits from the oils.

While I love sharing doTerra oils with people, I'm especially looking forward to welcoming some lovely folk to my team. Not only will doTerra products help you and your family to thrive, you can earn money doing something you feel truly passionate about.  

I don't ever sell, I share my story. How I manage my depression and anxiety. It's all about a story, your story. You can't ever get your story wrong, it's yours. 

If you're nervous about sales, let me put your mind at rest. As a doTerra Wellness Advocate your main role is to share the oils. Just as you will probably share the your experiences with family and friends, you will find you are sharing them with everyone you come into contact with.

It's actually hard NOT to share the oils. Once they become part of your families every day, and you see how much they will add to your life you'll be doTERRA-ing up a storm! That's the thing, you wont ever sell the oils, you'll share them. The oils sell themselves. There is no hard sell. 

This model works beautifully online, if you're an introvert and struggle with the thought of running classes, you can create an online audience, or perhaps lean into the audience you have already established. Do online webinars, create discussions on your blog and social channels. You'll find what's right for you, and you'll be amazed at how well it can work. Just give it a try.


Yes, You Are So Gonna Do This. Let's get started now. 

  1. Click over to my virtual office and pick your country
  2. Selected your country, select Wholesale Prices
  3. The Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes should already be filled in for you but if not simply enter 1922072 in both boxes
  4. Complete the form with your name, address, billing and shipping address and all other required details.
  5. Select your time zone and create your own virtual office password
  6. Agree to the basic Terms and Conditions and your Virtual Office User Agreement
  7. Your first order will include your $35 Introductory Packet plus any individual products you wish to purchase OR you can choose an Enrollment Kit (the $35 fee will then be waived)

Nice one Darling Heart, I'll see you on the other side. <3