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What Are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are pure extracts from plants. A WHOPPING 50 - 70 times more powerful than herbs. One drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to about 28 cups of peppermint tea.

Thats powerful. Right?!

It's important to keep that potency in mind, and respect the power these oils have. It's not a matter of just one more drop.

In most cases one drop will be more than enough.

This is the case for PURE A. F. oils, not all oils are equal in their power or purity.

I use and recommend the most pure oils on the planet. So before you head to your local health food store, pharmacy or (GASP) Supermarket, ready on, drop me a line and get hold of the good oils. The best oils.

Essential oils are nature's defence system for plants and cells, using essential oils can give you the same protection that a plant has against harm and disease. 

Essential oils are safe, effective and affordable. A natural alternative to synthetic remedies.

Me and Essential Oils
As a teenager I loved essential oils. I think I constantly had a little bottle in my pocket, usually one of those round cute bottles from the body shop. I borrowed aromatherapy books from the library. I poured over essential oils in health food shops, and begged my mum for oils and books about essential oils. 

So the good news is I found my way back to essential oils, and burning oils is a thing of the past! Yep, no more burning oils, we diffuse them now as heating the oils alters the chemical make up of the oil and changes the therapeutic benefit. More about diffusing the oils later...

This time my desire was all about supporting and managing my mental health better and ridding our home and bodies from toxic chemicals. We've worked hard since 2012 eating good, real, whole food. But eating good food only does so much, exposing myself and my family to toxic hormone disrupting "cleaning" products and synthetic over the counter remedies. 

It was early in 2015 I first discovered pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. These oils were like no oils I'd ever experienced. I thought I knew lavender, I thought I didn't like lavender. But I'm a little obsessed with the clean, pure therapeutic grade lavender.

Pure essential oils smell cleaner, these oils are fresher and almost lighter. After I purchased my first enrolment kit, I began using all the oils, incorporating them into my day. All of a sudden, I was sleeping better. My daughter was sleeping better. My daughter and I were calm and focused in the morning, instead of a chaotic mornings from hell.

How do I use essential oils?

I use essential oils daily, several times a day.

Lately I've been starting with some mood management, I've written about my mental illness, my Doctor calls Severe Depressive Disorder, with a dose of mania and anxiety thrown into the mix. I use medication to manage my condition, yet still I experience depression two weeks out of every month. Generally after the two weeks, the low moods pass. I find that the depressive episodes are easier to manage with essential oils. 

I'm a depression rock star. I manage a lifelong battle with depression, and have been medicated since 2005.

Early in 2015, after a life a brutal five month severe episode I realised I needed to do more to manage my illness. For a decade I'd relied solely on antidepressants, and for the most part they helped me. But there was a shift, I no longer felt well on the medication alone. My dose had increased over the years, and was at a large dose to manage my current state. I wasn't depressed, but I wasn't happy. I felt nothing. I attended the Anzac Day Dawn Service and didn't even shed a tear. For an emotional sook who wears her heart on my sleeve, I was shocked. I knew I had to take better care of myself. 

I'm at peace with the reality of antidepressants, I can't survive without medication. To go without medication, could be fatal. But I needed to support my illness better than I was, I needed to dive into some serious self care. This is what lead me to doTERRA essential oils.

I placed an order for a full kit of Essential Oils. I dived in and started learning how I could use essential oils in our home and for our overall wellness. I was excited to replace chemical laden cleaning products. oh I know, that may seem sad, but I tell you I was so excited! I even use essential oils to create hair creams and face oils. I create all sorts of concoctions in my thermie, like a mad woman!

Before essential oils, we were a $200 a fortnight at the Pharmacy family. $200. As in TWO FREAKIN HUNDRED DOLLARS. I often reflect on the first order I placed for Essential Oils, it was under $200. I hesitated in making that purchase.

I knew I needed to support my health more than I was. But it was a significant purchase for our family budget.

It was a few bottles of oil, and I had a hard time convincing myself that it would be worth it. But I needed to convince the Huz. I'd been so unwell, for so long he was willing to try anything. So we hit go and processed our first doTERRA order.

And that one decision has changed our lives are forever. I don't think either of us realised just how much that purchase was going to impact on our lives.

We now spend about $70 a month at the Pharmacy. We spend less at the supermarket, as we aren't buying fabric softener. We're not buying expensive hormon disruptive "cleaning" chemicals shit storms, as I've replaced many of them for an essential oil DIY number. 

I’m always seeking a better way, a healthier more mindful way to live. I'm always looking to inject more self-care into my life. Using essential oils in your home is the most magnificent way to commit to self care.

Not only are you taking great care of yourself, your family will benefit from a cleaner, less toxic way of living. There is so much to gain in using essential oils, the support oils offer in health and wellbeing is beautiful and reassuring. 

I love sharing my love of essential oils, we have gained so much as a family, and I know essential oils will be a beautiful addition to your home too. I've blogged how you can get started with essential oils, click to read it.