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Have you been searching for another way to succeed in your network marketing business?  

In the beginning it’s exciting. When I first joined my network marketing company, I'd discovered something I loved. I loved learning about the products, I loved sharing the products with others. I loved it, it was almost effortless. 🙋🏼‍♀️

Maybe you’ve discovered a company you love, you’re sharing products you believe in. You feel yourself fall into an ease and beautiful flow, you’re selling, recruiting, connecting with great people. You may even be helping people! It feels good, right?! 🙌🏻

At some point, you may feel your warm market is shrinking. The beautiful ease and flow you once felt in your business has disappeared. 🤨

With each call you make or message you send you're pushing yourself more. Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and succeeding is freakin' amazing!

Pushing yourself further each day, and racking up more rejections isn't freakin' amazing, it's SOUL DESTROYING. With each rejection your resilience pales. It’s not delightful, it doesn't feel fun any more. 😣

Your company and upline leaders tell you to go back to PIPES, back to your names list. And so you do, you're not too many calls in when you remember why you stopped looking at this bloody names list.

This is the traditional way to build a network marketing business. You do the class, set up the meeting, book another party, reach out, hit up your neighbours, friends, school mums and family.

You faithfully reach out.

You give and send samples.

You follow up.

You hand out more samples.

You follow up your follow ups.

Another month draws to a close and you're hustling for that one bloody enrolment. This is after working all month long for that one bloody enrolment. GROSS. 


I get it Mumma.

I understand, I kept pushing, duplicating for years. It never felt right for me. After three years my business lacked stability, despite working at it full time, despite duplicating, despite recruiting. Despite doing all of the things, the work I was doing was not converting.

See Hun, you’re not alone. Even though my business was moving in the right direction, it was HARD AF, and it wasn't fun anymore.

I was burned out, my business was not growing, the stress was impacting on my health, my marriage, our business and finances. Life was not delightful.

But you know what crushed me most of all? What delivered the biggest blow was watching my downline reach the same point in their business.

Just like me, they were pushing further each month, they kept going, they committed more time, more money to their business. But like me, their business wasn't growing as it did beginning. I'd been duplicating a method that was flawed. 


There had to be a better way for Mummapreneurs to build their Network Marketing Business.

When I joined my company, I turned back on the online world I knew and loved. I'd been blogging and building brands on social media since 2005 (remember MySpace? 😜). My network marketing company compliance terrified me. 😱 I didn't want to be saying the wrong thing, so I didn't say anything.  

To get back to doing the work I love building a brand online I stepped out of my companies love bubble and I sought a mentor outside of my network marketing company. 💗 And that my friends is when I discovered a proven way to build my own brand online, I learned and implemented the Attraction Marketing Formula. It was then I knew I'd found the right way for me to build my business online.


Join me on a new path, a path that turns traditional network marketing on it’s head. 

If your friends and family are not getting back to you, if messages and phone calls go unanswered. If school mumma's ran the other way when they see you coming (yep, it’s happened to me too. Ugh.)

Join me, go through the free 10 day Attraction Marketing Formula, it’s free and gives you the steps to brand yourself online, attract new leads without the hustle or chase and without feeling blergy.

There are so many people in this world who are looking for the product and opportunity you have. You don't have to seek them out in the school yard, at your cousins wedding or in the supermarket. Do you thing online, show the world how fabulous you are and let them find you.

Exciting right?!

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