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About LouisaG

I've been bouncing around the blogging space and on social since 2007. You may have seen me in my role as a graphic designer and creative director at Notable Imprint, the business I founded and built with my huz.

I've blogged at Hello Fleurieu, How Two Thrive with a biz partner, and briefly on Mrs Notable. And now you'll find me here, blogging my heart out, sharing my happy life with essential oils at LouisaG. 

We grow, we change and evolve, this space reflects the real me, the me that is stronger for my past, and excited about the future. I have a bright future, one I never imagined. I've made lots of small changes, and these small positive changes have made a big impact on my life.

Life with depression can be happy. I'm a self proclaimed #depressionrockstar and I hope you might join me on this happy journey.


I'm A Whole Hearted Soul

I'm lead by my intuition, and that's how I run my business, and live my life. If it feels right, I do it, if it doesn't, I don't. 

LouisaG is a personal lifestyle, simple living wellness blog; I share my joy, my challenges, I share how I have a happy life and manage depression. I know dark times, deep dark depression, where darkness is all that seems possible. I manage my condition with medication, hippy rocks, essential oils, meditation, acupuncture, and a fuckoff positive attitude.

Even in the depths of despair, with suicidal thoughts rolling around in my head, I'm doing my best. And so too are you darling heart. You are doing the best you can. Together we can share how we do better, how we make it through the darkness. It's totally possible to have a happy life with depression, I live it. And I share how I do it on my blog. 

We live an hour south of Adelaide, we made a seachange to the country in 2010. This move was more than my family could have ever hoped for, life in the country, by the sea is calmer. I feel more connected and more present than I ever have. Because I stopped, and decided to take care of me. 

Life is better by the sea, it soothes my soul and calms my mind. Life is good….

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I'm A Wife and Mummy

Sharing how I use hippy rocks, essential oils and a positive mindset to stay sober, to maintain my happy and stay well with clinical depression.

I've proudly partnered with doTERRA to share my love of essential oils, and how I use them to keep Mumma happy, and help the whole family know greater wellness.


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A Little Bit About Me

1. I love coffee. A drop of On Guard, the protective essential oil blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and Rosemary is like a warm hug - and LOVES coffee!
2. I've got a thing for GOLD and all that glitters.
3. I had a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in 2014, I lost 22kg. Antidepressants have resulted in gains here, work in progress...
4. I'm a Libra, a very typical Libra, in every way.
5. I'm guided by my intuition.
6. I made a sea-change in 2010 from the city to the country, and life is better by the sea.
7. I'm mumma to one daughter; she is my joy.
8. I happily married to my best friend.
9. I have clinical depression. I've managed it since I was 7 years of age.
10. I'm an alcoholic, sober since June 2013.
11. 11 is my favourite number.
12. I'm a dreamer, and I think it's one of my strongest traits, no matter what others say.
13. I'm kind.
14. I love fashion; my style is comfy cool. Very comfortable and a little cool. Ideal for the school run.
15. I try to make the best decisions for me, living my best life is also the best thing for my loves.
16. I LOVE Instagram, closely followed by Pinterest.
17. I LOVE bloggers; they are my most favourite people <3
18. I HATE the colour red. Hate it.
19. Avocado is my favourite food, especially when it's served alongside crispy bacon.
20. Unicorns exist in my world.
21. I have acupuncture once a week, every week.
22. Yoga is my drug.
23. I have an eclectic taste in music City and Color sit along side Jimmy Barnes.
24. I'm a night owl, who loves to get up early in the morning, and I love to sleep in. {ever the Libra}
25. I'm a publican's daughter, did I mention I'm an alcoholic?
26. I'm crave simple and calm - and that's the life I live.
27. I've been a publican, marketing chick, call centre operator, a graphic designer, social media manager, a blogger.... I LOVE and embrace change.
28. as an essential oil teacher I LOVE helping Mumma's swap the chemical shit storm for beautiful plant based magnificence!
29. I'm a recovering magazine addict, totally gave that shiz up.
30. I'm clearing the clutter in my home; it's so heavy. The mags have GONE.
31. Favourite holiday destination? Where the sun is shining, and there are five stars.